Employee Testimonials

What is it like to work here? The people who already do are happy to tell you!

If you’re looking for an ordinary job in the Richmond, VA, area, you won’t find that here. Just ask any of our employees!

“I love the diversity and having people ready to share their cultural and spiritual beliefs. These people are also accepting of others’ beliefs and practices. I have learned a little Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Russian since I have been employed here.”

– Annette Foster, Dining

“The relationships I have built with the residents and the staff—I’ve never had that in other places of employment. I lost my parents awhile back—and pretty close together. It was devastating. But with the relationships I’ve made with my residents, it fills an emptiness that I had for a long time. They are very special to me. The staff is like having a team to fall back on when you are not able to complete the mission alone. We all are working towards a common goal. They are all so special to me. I know I have found my calling because it just feels right and it doesn’t feel like work to me: It feels like going home to my parents’ house.”

– Judy Hamilton, Engineering

“When I first applied to Westminster Canterbury Richmond, I was super nervous: I had never worked with so many people. But there are so many smiling faces. I’ve never felt so welcomed. I love how, even though I’ve only been here a couple of weeks I feel at home. I love how Westminster Canterbury Richmond seriously shows they care about not only residents, but the staff as well. Thank you all for having me.”

– Breanna Reynolds, Healthcare

“I love how everyone at Westminster Canterbury Richmond is like a family. Residents and staff love and support each other through every day.”

– Charlotte Kaufmann, Healthcare

“The residents teach me and open my horizons to new understandings of life as they share their amazing life stories.”

– David Curtis, Pastoral Care

“I love working at Westminster Canterbury Richmond because of the residents, and the difference we make in their lives—and our lives, too!”

– Ermalinda Chicas, Assisted Living

“You get a sense that everyone is genuinely happy to be here.”

– Jamie Eustace-Hines, Healthcare

“I love working at Westminster Canterbury Richmond because of the relationships I build with my clients, who then become residents. I feel like I have an extended family.”

– Kathy Bosher, Sales

“I love the fact that every day is different, and that the expectation is to treat each other and our residents with the utmost respect. It feels wonderful to smile and speak to everyone. You can’t help but love Westminster Canterbury Richmond!”

– Laurie Youndt, Assisted Living and Clinic

“ At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, I feel we have a special group of dedicated staff. Employees are given the resources and support to provide exceptional care to our residents. There is no place better beyond our gates. It is a great feeling to be a part of such a wonderful community. ”

– Shannon Fowler, Healthcare

“I love working at Westminster Canterbury Richmond because the employees are truly appreciated. To work in a Christian environment where you’re able to spend time with the residents doing what they enjoy, having many options for mealtime, and being able to go to a memorial service for a resident that has passed away means a lot. Never have I worked in a place where the residents and staff are so friendly and caring of each other. It is a pleasure and honor to work here.”

– Sondra Wade, Healthcare

“I love working at Westminster Canterbury Richmond because of the residents. They each have a story and, if you take the time to listen, they will love to tell it to you. I love the atmosphere in which I work. Westminster Canterbury Richmond has a lot to offer, if you are willing to take the time to accept the gifts.”

– Theresa Gross, Engineering